Members. The members of the Association shall consist of teachers and students of Arabic, as well as persons or institutions that have direct interest in teaching Arabic and Arabic Studies.

Apply for Membership

Categories of Membership. The categories of memberships are as follows:

Regular Members (£25).
Regular members are teachers of Arabic language, culture, literature, translation, or persons who are otherwise professionally involved with, or have a keen interest in the Arabic language.

Student Members (£15).

Corporate Membership (£120).
Membership in this category is open to organizations interested in supporting the purpose and goals of this Association by contributing annually to its funds.

Supporting Members.
Supporting members are those regular members who have chosen to make a substantial contribution to the organization.

(The constitution shall describe in detail the eligibility and rights of each category of membership)


  1. Regular updates on activities pertaining to the teaching and learning of Arabic, culture, literature and translation.
  2. Discount for events hosted by BATA.
  3. Access to resources on the website.
  4. Opportunity to publicise research projects, research events, publications and vacancies on the BATA website.
  5. Discounts with some leading academic publishers.