Welcome to the British Association of Teachers of Arabic (BATA). The Association will support and promote teaching, learning, scholarship and research in the fields of Arabic language teaching  and culture (at school, degree and Institution Wide Language Programme (IWLP) levels), linguistics, translation and literature across the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales). The Association shall promote and facilitate links between teachers of Arabic, literature, culture and translation. It will endeavour to bring together teachers of Arabic at all levels, both at Higher Education and at School levels. BATA will seek to share, promote and disseminate best practices and resources across the wide network of teachers in the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) and beyond. BATA shall be governed by the following Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

Professor Mustapha Lahlali


University of Leeds

Professor Daniel Newman

Vice President

University of Durham

Dr. Sara Al Tubuly


Al-Maktoum College

Dr Abdelghani Mimouni


University of Manchester

Dr. Mohammed Dayoub

University of Warwick

Dr Salwa El-Awa

Swansea University

Mohammad Bouabdallah

University of Westminster