Aims and objectives:

BATA will support and promote teaching, learning, scholarship and research in the fields of Arabic language, culture, linguistics, and literature. BATA will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To develop a network of teachers and graduates, who specialise in the teaching of Arabic in the UK.
  2. To facilitate links between institutions both within the UK and abroad.
  3. To encourage partnerships between different UK institutions.
  4. To provide practical support in the areas of materials/resources and networking for teachers.
  5. To cooperate with other institutions and organizations which have similar interests and goals.
  6. To promote understanding and communication between teachers involved in the teaching of Arabic, culture, literature and linguistics.
  7. To hold a bi-annual conference, with the goal of providing an outlet and discussion forum for the work and research of teachers of Arabic.
  8. To set up a website to promote the teaching and study of Arabic, culture, literature and linguistics at all levels.
  9. Where possible, to disseminate materials via this website about the teaching and learning of Arabic, linguistics, culture and literature.